Funding (RFP)

You can apply for grant funds of up to $750.00 per occurrence now by sending us the RFP fund attached in an email to [email protected]:

Please include as much information as possible, including:

  • Title of your project
  • Name, department or program, email address and phone number for contact for the small grant application
  • Purpose of the funds. How are you proposing to use the funds? Provide a brief budget, if appropriate. Indicate if you have other sources of funding and if so, what they are and how much they are contributing
  • How does the event or activity further social or population sciences research or education at UCSF?
  • Information about the planned event, i.e. date and times. Is this the first time the event has been held? If not, please provide a brief history of it. How are you advertising this event? How many people are you expecting to attend?

The official RFP form is available